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Deconfinement: daycares can refuse certain children

Credit: Belga

Not all children will necessarily be admitted to daycare when they go back, as children whose parents do not work from home could be prioritised, according to Caroline Désir, Minister for Education for the French-speaking community.

“We have very clearly prioritised parents who have to go physically to work, in the first instance in any case, because we don’t know how many children will attend the day-care centres,” said Caroline Désir, Minister 

“Since the rules of physical distance recommended by the experts are important but also difficult to put in place, we can’t move the walls of our premises. So we have to make sure that these children get in first before other children,” she added.

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During Belgium’s lockdown, daycares had to remain open for anyone who did not have a child care solution, but as the country phases out, the rules for returning to school become more complicated.

“We try not to leave the parents without a solution, but with the resumption of classes plus daycare, sometimes schools are already saturated, so yes, a refusal is possible,” Désir said, while stressing that this would be a last resort.

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