Italian deaths higher than official number, Social Security warns

Italian deaths higher than official number, Social Security warns
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More people have died in Italy from the coronavirus than the official figures show,  according to the Social Security Institute. The institute expects an additional 19,000 deaths to the authorities’ balance sheet of 32,000 deaths.

In a study published on Thursday, the INPS (Istituto nazionale della previdenza sociale) says that a total of 156, 429 deaths were recorded in Italy in March and April, regardless of cause. That is 46,909 more than expected on the basis of the average in those months in the period 2015-2019.

The number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 by the Civil Protection – the daily balance sheet published by the authorities – totalled 27,938 in March and April, INPS stresses. The Institute, therefore, questions the difference of “18,971 deaths, of which 18,412 in the north”, the region most affected by the epidemic.

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Italy – the first country in the world to adopt total confinement of its population – began lifting restrictions on 4 May. On 17 May, the country moved to reopen the majority of small and large shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, bars and restaurants.

Masses and religious celebrations are also resuming in the churches of Rome as in the rest of the country, with adequate social distancing measures.

As of 17 May, the daily death toll in the country fell below 100 for the first time in two months, according to official sources. This is the lowest death toll since 9 March (97 deaths), when the country began containment.

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