Clouds and mild temperatures return to Belgium

Clouds and mild temperatures return to Belgium
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Despite the good weather this week, skies will be cloudier again on Sunday with the possibility of rain, especially over the centre and east of the country.

Temperatures will peak between 13 and 19 degrees with a generally moderate west-northwest wind, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) forecast. The sun is expected to return during the course of next week.

The morning will start with clear skies, except to the south of the Sambre-et-Meuse Trench where there will already be more cloud.

The risk of showers will increase in the afternoon over the centre and east of the country, with dry patches in the west. Winds will be present across the country but will diminish in intensity as the day goes on, according to the RMI.

On Sunday evening, the weather will still be cloudy with the risk of a few showers. During the night of Sunday to Monday, the weather will become dry and little to partly cloudy. Temperatures will drop between 6 degrees in the Hautes-Fagnes and 12 degrees in Flanders. Winds will be light to moderate from west to north-west or variable.

While Monday is expected to start with clouds and some rain, the sun should become more and more present as the days go by, with peaks rising during the week.

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