Phase 3: People can see 10 others per week

Phase 3: People can see 10 others per week
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From Monday 8 June, everyone will be allowed to expand their social bubble, and be allowed to meet 10 others per week.

From Monday, when Phase 3 of Belgium's exit plan out of lockdown starts, each person will be allowed to see a maximum of 10 other people per week. These people do not have to be the same ones every time, Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès stressed during a press conference on Wednesday.

Activities will be allowed to take place again in groups of 10, children included. This applies to all situations, both indoors and outdoors, including in your own home, in restaurants or the park.

The decision for a maximum of 10 others per week, ensures that social contacts remain limited, while still allowing people to see others, according to Wilmès.

"Additionally, this keeps it possible to find out exactly who you have been in close contact with, should you nevertheless become infected," she said.

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The basic hygiene rules, such as washing your hands regularly and sneezing in your elbow, remain essential. If possible, activities should take place outside, as there is less risk of infection.

If one of the 10 people in your expanded social bubble belongs to a risk group, meaning they are over the age of 65 or have an underlying condition, extra precautions have to be taken.

As with all previous relaxations, the government stressed the importance of using common sense. Social distancing rules should still be respected as much as possible. "You should not greet your friends with a kiss," said Wilmès, "but we realise that it's not always easy."

Maïthé Chini

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