Antwerp abandons all cash payments for parking

Antwerp abandons all cash payments for parking

The city of Antwerp has abolished the use of all forms of cash in paying for a parking place or paying off a parking fine.

From now on, paying for a parking space can only be done by SMS, or via an app. The machine will no longer print out a ticket to be placed behind your windscreen.

Similarly, if you are issued a parking fine, it will no longer be found under the windscreen wiper, but instead will arrive later at home in the mail.

The new regime makes the work of parking attendants easier, the city says. Instead of writing out a ticket for offenders, the attendants simply scan the car’s number plate to find out if the fee has been paid for the parking space.

If so, there is no problem. If not, a fine will be sent automatically. The new system does away with the problem of loss or theft of a parking ticket placed under the windscreen. And the time saved means parking attendants can cover more ground.

The intention is for there to be less time between noting the offence and the arrival of the fine at your home," said city councillor Koen Kennis.

However I’m not going to say how long it will take just yet,” he said. “The system first has to find its feet. In the beginning, the parking attendants will still put a flyer behind your windscreen wiper to explain the system. This system also does away with the possibility of being fined twice for the same parking violation.”

Alan Hope

The Brussels Times

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