€25.5 million more for coronavirus measures in Flemish schools

€25.5 million more for coronavirus measures in Flemish schools
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The Flemish government decided on Friday to free an extra €25.5 million for protective equipment and extra cleaning services in schools to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Re-opening schools costs money, because a lot of investment has to be made to ensure safety. We want to avoid that schools have to face these extra expenses themselves," said Flemish Minister of Education Ben Weyts.

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The Flemish had already poured €5 million into schools for costs related to ICT (information and communication technology), and another €10 million to cover cancellations of school excursions.

Schools will be allocated money based on how many class years they start up again, according to the VRT, and a higher sum is reportedly being foreseen for schools in special education. "That way, we're also clearly showing appreciation for the many efforts that were delivered," Weyts said. 

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