Policeman jumps into the sea to rescue stranded baby whale

Policeman jumps into the sea to rescue stranded baby whale
Credit: Middelkerke Police/Facebook

A police officer braved the icy waters of the North Sea to bring a baby porpoise to safety after the newborn whale washed up on the shore of Middelkerke on the Belgian coast.

Residents of the Belgian beach town spotted the baby porpoise at around 9:00 AM on Sunday morning, police wrote on Facebook.

An expert called on-site found that the baby whale was injured and had been separated from its mother by the strong currents, the statement read.


"A colleague of the Local Middelkerke Police decided to dive into the sea himself," police wrote, with onlookers saying that the officer was attempting to bring the baby back to its waiting mother, according to Het Niewusblad.

Witnesses said the officer took off his bulletproof vest and rolled up his sleeves before scooping up the baby whale and heading into the sea.

Videos of the intervention show the police officer waist-deep in the waters, fighting the currents with the newborn whale in his hands, with several users lauding the officer and thanking him for his act on social media.

"After several attempts, the baby brown fish could be released and got back to his mother," police wrote on Facebook.

Gabriela Galindo

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