Coronavirus: sex workers propose back-to-work protocols 

Coronavirus: sex workers propose back-to-work protocols 

Sex workers can resume working again, but they and their clients will have to comply with certain strict hygiene measures, that sex worker collective UTSOPI published on its website.

As respecting the social distance is not possible for sex workers, hygiene measures are incredibly important, the collective stated. Wearing a face mask will become mandatory, and bed sheets need to be disposable.

The Group of Experts for the Exit Strategy (GEES) validated the proposal, according to UTSOPI, but it still needs to be validated by the Minister for Independents, the Self-Employed, the Self-Employed and SMEs Denis Ducarme.

Mattress covers need to be changed systematically and washed at 60 degrees, or made of polyurethane, which can be disinfected after a client.

Mouth-to-mouth contact is forbidden, which is why a disposable of cloth face mask should be worn by both the sex worker and the client. However, an exception for oral sex is allowed, but the use of a condom or dental dam is recommended.

"Any saliva or face-to-face contact during sexual acts must be avoided. Genital secretions do not present a risk of Covid-19 infection, but sexual organs that have been touched by the hand may carry the virus," the collective says in its proposal.

These measures are proposed as an addition to the basic hygiene rules, and the systematic disinfection of hands. As much as possible, it is also recommended for both the sex worker and the client to take a shower before the intercourse.

Maïthé Chini

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