These municipalities reported no Covid-19 cases for two weeks

These municipalities reported no Covid-19 cases for two weeks
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Even though new infections with the coronavirus are still being reported every day, the overall trend of the epidemic is declining.

Belgium reported a total of 573 hospital beds, of which 115 in the intensive care unit, occupied by patients with a confirmed coronavirus infection, on Tuesday.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 59,437 confirmed cases have been recorded in Belgium, reflecting all people who have been infected, and including confirmed active cases as well as patients who have since recovered, or died from the consequences of the virus.

However, the number of new cases every day remains relatively low, as the lockdown measures are gradually lifted.

Several municipalities (in orange) did not report any new confirmed coronavirus cases during the last two weeks, according to data by Sciensano, the national research and health institute.

Credit: Sciensano/Labonetwerk en nationaal testing platform

However, the map is based on confirmed cases reported by the network of laboratories and the national testing platform, meaning that the virus can still be present in people who have not been tested.

The province of Luxembourg, which was not hit very hard even at the peak of the pandemic, has reported almost no new cases over the past 2 weeks. The Liège province is also no longer reporting many cases.

In general, the virus seems to be less prevalent in Wallonia than in Flanders, which especially saw a high number of cases in the Antwerp and Limburg provinces during the pandemic.

Of the total number of reported cases since the beginning of the pandemic, 33,450 (56%) occurred in Flanders, 18,848 (32%) in Wallonia, and 6,086 (10%) in Brussels, according to Sciensano. For the other 2% of cases, no data was available.

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