Coronavirus outbreak quarantines ship in Port of Antwerp

Coronavirus outbreak quarantines ship in Port of Antwerp
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A large ship moored in the port of Antwerp is under lockdown after a Covid-19 outbreak was reported among the crew.

At least 15 of the ship's 26 crew members have been reported infected with the new coronavirus (Covid-19), according to the Belga news agency.

The Maltese tanker ship, Minerva Oceania, has been docked in the Flemish port for several days, at least since its expected date of arrival on 19 June.

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The Antwerp Port Authority confirmed that the 15 crew members had tested positive for the virus and said they were quarantining in separate cabins, Flemish media reports.

Two of the 15 infected crew members have been hospitalised but their condition is reportedly not serious.

"The ship has been quarantined until 4 July," Port Authority spokesperson Barbara Janssen said, adding that the would check on the situation on that date again and decide on next steps.

This incident marks the second time a ship is quarantined in Antwerp's port, Europe's second-largest, in an effort to contain a coronavirus outbreak.

In April, another ship remained moored at the dock for days after crew members tested positive for the virus, the outlet reports.

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