Organ donations will now be possible online

Organ donations will now be possible online
Federal health minister Maggie De Block. © Belga

People wishing to become organ donors after their death will be able to register their intention on the online health portal Ma Santé from 1 July.

This means they will no longer need to go to their City Council Office to do so, although they will still be able to do so or to state their intention through their attending physician.

The system will also allow people to determine what will become of their other remains, such as bones or blood vessels. Until now, there had been no such differentiation.

Come July, prospective donors will be able to register their preference for any of four options: an organ donation for a transplant into the body of another person; a donation of human body material, to be given to a patient who needs it; a donation for the production of innovative medicines or treatments; or a donation for scientific research.

The online registration is to be done on www.masanté.be, using an electronic id-card, or through itsme®.

In Belgium, every citizen is a potential posthumous donor unless (s)he explicitly refuses to make such a donation during their lifetime. In practice, however, doctors do not use an organ without an explicit autorisation.

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