Coastal police seek man who kicked officer in the head

Coastal police seek man who kicked officer in the head
Credit: PZ Damme/Knokke-Heist

The police of the Knokke-Heist, a coastal municipality, is looking for a man (photo) who was caught on video kicking an officer in the head because he did not want to go home after the bars closed.

The police distributed three pictures of a young man kicking the head of a police officer.

Since the start of July, there have been problems in Knokke-Heist with partygoers who do not want to go home after 1:00 AM, when bars have to close.

As a precaution, police have been present in the municipality this week, to ensure that everyone remains calm, and to help with rowdy clients who did not want to leave.

However, on Tuesday night, partygoers insulted the police, and even started kicking and beating them. The zone is now distributing photos of one of the perpetrators.

"If you recognise this man, please contact our team," Isolde Van Eenooghe of the Damme/Knokke-Heist police zone said.

Contacting the team is possible at

Maïthé Chini

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