Coronavirus: Belgian health experts sound the alarm

Coronavirus: Belgian health experts sound the alarm
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On Monday, three health experts sounded the alarm about the increasing figures in Belgium in the special coronavirus commission of the Flemish parliament.

Belgium’s coronavirus response is likely to be insufficient if a second wave occurs, according to them.

More specifically, virologist Marc Van Ranst fears that it will be very difficult to withstand a new wave of the pandemic with the current approach.

For her part, the president of the GEES, Erika Vlieghe, said she was not reassured, and professor Herman Goossens of the University Hospital of Antwerp warned about a lack of tests and reagents.

“If there is a second lockdown, it is the responsibility of the politicians,” he commented.

The three experts heard on Monday by the Flemish parliament’s coronavirus commission took stock of the turbulent months of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, reviewing all the sensitive points of the last few months: the lack of masks and protective equipment, problems with case definitions, and unclear guidelines.

The three experts joined forces to denounce the lack of unity in command. “This unity did not exist and still does not exist,” said Van Ranst.

According to Vlieghe, the lack of unity is “potentially an even bigger problem in case of a second wave.”

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