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Weather Report: Don’t expect sun until the weekend

Credit: Belga

Tuesday afternoon marks the start of the rest of the week weather-wise, with cloudy skies and rain across the whole country, according to the Royal Institute of Meteorology (RMI).

By the end of the day, the weather will become drier again from the west with a few clearings. The highs will vary between 16° on the high plateaus of the Ardennes, 18° to 20° in many regions and up to 21° in Gaume.

During the night, the cloud cover prevails, with some rain in places, mainly in the eastern half of the country. Then, the weather will become drier from the west with a low risk of a local shower. At times, the weather will become foggy and a few fog patches may form locally. Temperatures will drop between 10° and 15°.

On Wednesday, the cloud cover will fluctuate throughout the day with a risk of a few scattered showers. The weather should, however, remain dry in most areas.

Coming into Thursday and Friday, the sky will still be very or partly cloudy, with some local rain or showers.

From Saturday onwards, the RMI forecasts sunny and dry weather, with highs well above 20° – just in time for people leaving on vacation.

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