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Weather Report: the sun returns this weekend

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The sky is expected to clear up gradually from the west from Friday afternoon, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute.

Maximum temperatures are expected to be between 17°C in the Hautes Fagnes and 24°C in the west of the country. The wind will generally be light north-westerly, according to the RMI.

On Friday evening and the following night, the weather will remain calm and dry, with mostly clear skies but some clouds, and some fog possibly forming locally. The minima will be between 9°C in the Hautes Fagnes and 15°C in the centre of the country, and the wind will be weak.

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On Saturday, the weather will be dry everywhere at first with clearings and with possible cloud banks over the west of the country. Later in the day, clouds will be predominant in the east with, possibly, a local shower, while the weather will be sunnier over the west. Maximum temperatures will hit 21 or 22°C in the Ardennes and 26°C in the centre of the country, and the wind will become light to moderate.

On Sunday, the day will start with dry weather and sunny periods in most areas. During the course of the day, cloud cover will increase over the north-western part of the country with, especially in the coastal region, a few showers. The maxima will be between 20°C at sea and 26°C in the Kempen and Belgian Lorraine. The wind will be light to moderate and will veer from south-westerly to westerly in the morning and from north-westerly to northerly in the afternoon.

On Monday, finally, a disturbance will cross the country from north-west to south-east with rain and some continuous showers. In the afternoon, the weather will become dry, starting at the coast, with clearings. The maxima will vary from 18°C at the coast and in High Belgium to 22°C in Belgian Lorraine. The wind will be moderate and at times quite strong from the north.

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