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Weather Report: A sunny day off

Credit: Belga

Failing to attract the crowds in these times of coronavirus, the national holiday will take place this Tuesday under a generous sun, with the Royal Meteorological Institute predicting temperatures as high as 23°C.

While there will be no Bal National, no military parade, festivities in the Royal Park or fireworks, but Belgium can at least bank on the sun being out. A few clouds will persist over the course of the day in the north-west, but the weather will remain dry.

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Temperatures will fluctuate between 18°C and 19°C in the Ardennes and along the coast, but will climb to 23°C in Belgian Lorraine. The wind will be light, then moderate.

In the evening, the sun will cast its last rays over the area before giving way to a lightly cloudy night sky. Fog or mist could, however, form locally. Temperatures will be cooler, with lows between 6°C and 12°C.

The Brussels Times