Coronavirus: digital returning travellers' form available from Monday

Coronavirus: digital returning travellers' form available from Monday
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A mandatory form for travellers returning to Belgium will be available digitally from Monday 27 July to facilitate contact tracing procedures.

The form will be compulsory for anyone over 16 having spent more than 24 hours abroad and coming back into Belgium by land, sea or air.

The returning traveller's form applies to returnees from countries in all colour-code categories and will be available from next Monday, Karin Moykens, head of the testing and tracing force, told De Standaard.

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On Thursday, Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès said that the mandatory form would aim to gather details of residents' stays abroad in order to facilitate contact tracing.

The digital version of the form will aim to expand the current controls with a paper form which applies to anyone travelling back to Belgium by plane from outside the Schengen Zone or from a red zone, where new infections clusters have flared um.

The form must be filled maximum 48 hours before the start of the return journey and, in its digital form, will apply to all modes of transport: plane, train, boat, car, bus, motorcycle, bike and even to pedestrians.

Border checks could be implemented for land returns and those returning by plane or boat must be able to prove they filled-in the form in the required period.

The form will aim to keep tabs on the contacts held during a person's travels and also on the number of returnees from red zones, who are required to quarantine and get tested upon return to Belgium.

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