Belgium is ‘heading for full-blown disaster’ without fast action, expert says

Belgium is ‘heading for full-blown disaster’ without fast action, expert says
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If effective action is not taken quickly, Belgium is heading for a “full-blown disaster” in the autumn, according to microbiologist at the University of Antwerp Herman Goossens.

Immediately after the National Security Council on Thursday, several experts were critical of the measures, which they considered not firm enough.

Especially the decision to not reduce the number of 15 others that people are allowed to see every week received a lot of criticism.

“We are all particularly concerned by what has happened in recent weeks, the spectacular increase in the number of infections,” Goossens said on Radio 1. “If we do not act quickly, we are heading for a full-blown disaster,” Goossens said.

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The decision to allow mayors to implement measures at the local level is a good one, Goossens said. “However, I am afraid that many different initiatives will be taken, and that people will not know which measures are in effect in which place,” he added.

Another Security Council is reportedly taking place next week Friday, but that is too late, according to Goossens. “Every day we wait is a day too long. The measures taken now do not go far enough,” he said, adding that “all the experts agree.”

The contact tracing system needs to be improved further, communication specialists and influencers should be used to reach certain communities, and several relaxed measures should be reversed, according to Goossens.

Maïthé Chini
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