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Heatwave: Temperatures start to climb from Wednesday

Credit: Pixabay

Following the announcement that Belgium would face a heatwave this week, the past two days have been a more pleasant temperature.

From Wednesday, however, that will quickly start to change, with highs between 24 °C in the High Ardennes and 29 °C in the Kempen. The wind will be light to sometimes moderate from the south, south-west. A sea breeze may form on the coast at the end of the afternoon.

By Thursday, the weather will be very hot and sunny, with highs varying between 27 or 28 °C in the High Ardennes and 33 °C in the Kempen.

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Friday will see very hot and sunny weather. The high will reach or exceed 30 °C everywhere, with probably 35 °C in the Kempen.

This weekend, however, is when it will again be very hot.

On Saturday temperatures between 30 and 35 °C expected inland, while a moderate to fairly strong wind could limit the highs to 24 or 25 °C at the coast with largely clear and sunny skies. Temperatures will be more or less the same on Sunday, with however some cloudy developments during the day with the possibility of a thundery shower, mainly over the Ardennes.

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