Coronavirus: 38 infected in nursing home in Mechelen

Coronavirus: 38 infected in nursing home in Mechelen
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30 residents and eight employees of the Milsenhof nursing home in the city of Mechelen (Malines) have tested positive for the new coronavirus (Covid-19), the home's management indicated on Friday.

One of the residents is in hospital while the others have been placed in a separate unit, where they will be under the care of a permanent team of staff members, the Milsenhof management said in a press release. Three residents are still awaiting the results of their tests.

“We are doing everything possible to avoid further infection of residents and staff; so from today onward, visits are banned,” the director of the establishment, which has 108 residents, stated. “We are working in close collaboration with local and regional authorities, the coordinating doctor and the surrounding hospitals.”

Residents, their families and staff were informed on Friday.

Mechelen’s acting mayor, Alexander Vandersmissen, said his office was closely monitoring the situation in the town through its crisis cell and contact tracing team.

"As soon as we received the information, we contacted the Milsenhof management, which confirmed that every employee and resident had been tested and that the cohort service (a separate, specific service for patients with Covid-19) was ready,” Vandersmissen said.

“Naturally, we shall keep monitoring the situation closely in the coming hours and days," the mayor added. "Along with our regional healthcare partners, we stand ready to provide support wherever needed.”

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