Belgium’s biggest swingers club closes after reopening for three days

Belgium’s biggest swingers club closes after reopening for three days
Credit: Poivre / Pixabay

Belgian sex club Acanthus has announced it is once again closing its doors due to overwhelming success after reopening on Friday.

The biggest swingers club of Belgium, located 21 kilometres from the French border, started welcoming back couples and singles after closing for five months due to the pandemic. Last Friday, the club stated that patrons would not be obliged to keep distance or wear face masks during sexual activities.

In compliance with the safety measures, visitors did have to make a reservation and leave their contact information. Dancing was not allowed, and the club’s restaurant functioned like any other Belgian restaurant during the pandemic.

“Due to the corona measures, we can only host 125 visitors,” manager Gino Seynhaeve said. “Normally, 400 people can enter. On Friday and Saturday, we worked with reservations, but many were not aware of this.”

“Hundreds of people were not allowed to come inside. We had to stop them in the parking lot and send them back home. Some visitors drove all the way from France and the Netherlands. It’s too bad that we couldn’t let them in.”

According to Seynhaeve, the substantial number of rejections was damaging to the club’s reputation. He now decided to once again close Acanthus until the restriction on the maximum number of visitors has been lifted.

On Saturday, virologist Marc Van Ranst responded to the club’s opening by tweeting the following: “Dear journalists, the experts can’t explain this, probably due to a lack of experience in this field”.

Amée Zoutberg
The Brussels Times

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