Weather report: rain and thunder ahead this weekend

Weather report: rain and thunder ahead this weekend
Credit: Belga

Thunder and heavy showers are expected as part of the changeable weather predicted by the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) for Friday afternoon.

Towards Friday evening, the sky will clear up and the weather will temporarily become calmer and drier. Towards dawn, the risk of showers will increase again from the coast. Minimum temperatures will range from 8°C in the Hautes Fagnes to 14°C along the coast with a generally moderate south-westerly wind.

On Saturday morning, showers will occur over the west of the country before spreading to the other regions during the day. The weather should remain dry over the east and south-east of Belgium. Temperatures will not exceed 17 to 20°C and the wind will be moderate from the southwest, then moving west. The north-westerly wind will be fairly strong along the coast.

On Sunday, unstable and humid polar air will come from the North Sea. Possible thunderstorms and new showers will cross the country during the course of the day. Maximum temperatures will vary between 16 and 20°C.

The first clearings are only to be expected from Monday onwards, although some showers will remain possible in places.

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