Antwerp: Operation Night Watch conducted without incident

Antwerp: Operation Night Watch conducted without incident
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Operation Night Watch, aimed at rooting out drug-related violence in Antwerp, was conducted without a hitch on Friday night, local police said on Saturday.

About 50 extra law enforcers were deployed on the city’s streets during the night, according to the police, who said there were no incidents.

An initiative of Mayor Bart De Wever and the Antwerp Police, Operation Night Watch is aimed mainly at making the city’s residents feel safe again and preventing the situation from worsening.

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“We’re going to carry out visible and less visible actions for a very long time,” Antwerp Police Commanding Officer Serge Muyters explained recently.

Since 2017, 66 attacks conducted with firearms or grenades have been registered in Antwerp. Few people have been wounded in such attacks.

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