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Weather report: up to 31 degrees on Monday

Credit: Belga

The weather will be dry and quite sunny with some cumulus clouds on Friday afternoon, with maximum temperatures between 20 degrees in the Hautes-Fagnes and 24 or 25 degrees in the west of the country and in Belgian Lorraine. The wind will be light to sometimes moderate from west to north-west.

Friday evening and night, the sky will have few clouds. They will increase over the north-west of the country at the end of the night. Minimum temperatures will vary between 6 and 13 degrees. The wind will be weak and of variable direction. At sea, there will be a moderate wind from the west.

On Saturday, the weather will remain sunny in High Belgium. Elsewhere, it will be cloudier but still dry. Highs will range from 20 degrees at sea to 25 degrees in the south of the country, with light to moderate westerly and then north-westerly winds.

On Sunday, the weather will be sunny. The maximum temperatures will vary between 20 and 26 degrees. The wind will be light from the south-west or from a variable direction inland. On the coast, there will be a moderate south-westerly wind, then a west-north-westerly wind.

On Monday, the weather will be sunny again with summer temperatures ranging from 25 or 26 degrees on the coast and in the Upper Ardennes to 31 degrees in the Kempen. The wind will be light to moderate from east to south-east, moving north-east in Flanders.

On Tuesday, the weather will be sunny at first, before some cloud development. Highs will reach or exceed 30 degrees in many areas with weak winds of varying directions.

The Brussels Times