Covid-19 offences have yielded €6 million in fines so far

Covid-19 offences have yielded €6 million in fines so far
Credit: Belga

The collection of fines imposed for not respecting the measures in place to fight the coronavirus has already yielded €6 million, according to figures by Federal Justice Minister Koen Geens.

Just over 30,000 people have already paid their fines. For 41,000 others, the file is still open, meaning that the fine has not been paid, that the case has not yet been tried or that no further final decision has been taken, according to Geens.

When calculating the processing capacity, it was estimated that 6.5% of the cases will eventually be brought to the court. At present, 1,826 people have already been tried and 5,119 others are still being summoned.

To facilitate the work of the public prosecutor’s offices, fines can also be processed through an immediate transaction by the police, and officers received payment terminals that work with QR codes.

This makes it possible to process a large proportion of the offences detected quickly and on the spot, according to clear and uniform procedures, said Geens.

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