Belgian ‘Coronalert’ app already downloaded over 400,000 times

Belgian ‘Coronalert’ app already downloaded over 400,000 times
Credit: Belga

Belgium’s Coronalert smartphone app, which aims to stop the spread of the coronavirus, has been downloaded more than 400,000 times since its launch on Wednesday.

On Thursday around 2:00 PM, the app had already recorded 403,600 downloads, Professor Bart Preneel (KU Leuven), one of the developers of the application, told the Belga press agency.

Available for download via iOS or Android, the app works with green and red screens. A green screen means that the user has a low risk of infection, and has not had any high-risk contacts. Otherwise, the application will display a red screen.

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Users who experience symptoms of Covid-19 will be advised to contact their doctor. If there are no symptoms despite the risk of infection, the application will suggest that the user contact the contact centre for a screening test.

Anyone who is tested can receive the result via the app, and inform their high-risk contacts the same way. To do so, the GP must indicate the app’s specific test code when prescribing the test.

Anyone who receives a code for a test via the contact centre can link it to the application code via a form on the website.

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