Police break up lockdown party, arrest 3 in massive operation in Luxembourg Province

Police break up lockdown party, arrest 3 in massive operation in Luxembourg Province
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Police broke up a private party in Luxembourg on Saturday night, ticketing many of the revellers, and conducted arrests elsewhere in the province under a vast operation meant to enforce health and safety measures.

Three persons were arrested for drug trafficking while hundreds were checked on the province’s roads during the Full Integrated Police Action (FIPA), conducted by the federal police in collaboration with local police and the provincial branch of the federal traffic police.

The operation, complete with air support, sniffer dogs and specialists in false documents, targeted road safety violations and common crimes such as theft and drug trafficking, in addition to enforcing the COVID-19 measures.

Some 48 persons received tickets for flouting the measures, including 43 who were sanctioned for attending a private indoor party in Offagne, in which about 70 persons took part, the federal police and the Luxembourg prosecutor’s office disclosed on Sunday.

Another 10 persons were sanctioned for non-COVID offences, including three arrested for drug trafficking. The vehicle in which the trio was travelling ended up in France after a police chase but was intercepted there thanks to the collaboration of the French police, the prosecutor’s office said.

The FIPA also checked 148 persons and 375 vehicles, resulting in 35 traffic tickets and 10 driver’s licenses withdrawn.

“These results confirm that, despite the health crisis, common crime has not stopped and we need to keep up our efforts in terms of prevention and dissuasion,” Federal Police Division Commissioner Christophe Brück stressed.

“A new FIPA will be conducted soon,” he added.

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