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16 arrested in international anti-drug operation

Credit: Belga

Belgian police and customs services were part of a large scale anti drugs operation between 19 and 22 November in which sixteen people were arrested.

The operation, which also involved the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and France, saw 860 people checked, of whom 97 had drugs on them and five were under the influence.

In addition, five vehicles were seized, according to the federal police.

More than 7,702 grammes of cannabis were seized during the operation, 3,979 of which were found on 19 November in the province of Luxembourg on a man with a fake identity card.

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Two days later, police intercepted a car in France that had 1,500 grammes of cannabis as well as €5,200 and a loaded revolver. The occupants of the car also dumped a large amount of cocaine, part of it landing on the police officers’ car.

Finally, on 22 November, police in Antwerp found more than two kilogrammes of cannabis under the hood of a car in Antwerp.

A Dutchman in the province of Liège was also found to be in possession of heroin, and several passengers on low-cost busses in the province of West Flanders were in possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Earlier this month, Belgian police seized what they claimed was the largest-ever overseas drug bust “in the world” after finding over 11 tonnes of cocaine in the port of Antwerp.

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