Reinforced border checks for travellers returning this weekend

Reinforced border checks for travellers returning this weekend
Illustration picture shows a police officer checking a person in a car at the border between Belgium and France in April 2020. © BELGA/BENOIT DOPPAGNE

Belgians returning from abroad will be subject to tighter border controls during the last weekend of the winter vacations, Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden announced Tuesday.

Tighter checks will be carried out by the federal at airports, train stations and on the roads, Verlinden said in a statement. “We must avoid reliving the situation we experienced in March. Belgians came back infected from their vacations, which accelerated the spread of the virus in our country,” she added.

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“To avoid this, the federal police will strictly monitor the completion of the Passenger Locator Form (PLF). And those checks will be stepped up next weekend. The virus does not respect national borders, only people can slow the spread”.

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