Yellow alert for slippery conditions, poor visibility on roads
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Yellow alert for slippery conditions, poor visibility on roads

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The skies will be cloudy over Belgium from Saturday afternoon, while the weather will be dry, according to the latest forecast from the Royal Meteorological Institute, RMI.

Some showers are expected in the west and temperatures will not exceed -1 degree in Hautes-Fagnes and seven degrees by the sea. Saturday night will be generally dry with low clouds and a risk of fog. Lows will range between + 1 and -6 degrees.

The RMI has thus issued a yellow alert for slippery conditions and poor visibility on roads between 8:00 PM on Saturday and midday on Sunday. While there is a possibility of rare winter rains in given areas, care will need to be taken with sheets of frost and ice.

Foggy conditions will continue through to Sunday at dawn in some areas and the RMI predicts that visibility will continue to be poor in Hautes-Fagnes during the course of Sunday morning.

Later in the day, the weather will be partly to very cloudy. In the afternoon, light snowfall will spread from Germany to the south of the Sambre-Meuse line. The snowfall will reach the centre of the country in the early evening but, as it moves through air that is slightly less cold, it will transform into rain or melted snow.

Highs will range between -2 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes and +5 degrees on the coast, with readings of about +3 degrees in the centre. The wind will first be slight to moderate, then generally moderate.

On Monday, the sky will be very cloudy with slight precipations, which will take the form of snow in the Ardennes, especially in Hautes-Fagnes, where a few extra centimetres will be possible. A bit of melting snow is not to be ruled out in the centre and northeast. Elsewhere there will be slight rain or drizzles.

Highs will range from -2 degrees on the Ardennes and +1 or +2 degrees in the centre to +4 degrees on the coast. The wind will be slight in the Ardennes, fairly strong along the coast and generally moderate elsewhere.

There will be abundant cloud cover on Tuesday morning, again with some bouts of light rainfall and snow in the Ardennes. The weather will generally become dry and patches of clear skies are not to be excluded, particularly in the north of the country.

Highs will range between -1 degree in the Upper Ardennes and + 3 in the centre.

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