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Bad weather: calls for caution on roads due to snow & ice

Credit: Belga

The Road Action Unit (RAC) has called for caution on the roads in Belgium due to increasingly wintery conditions, especially on secondary roads.

According to the latest weather forecast, as snow between 1 and 5 cm is expected in parts of the country this evening. However, the frost expected in many areas is posing more cause for concern.

Motorists are advised to:

  • Adapt their speed
  • Avoid sudden manoeuvres
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front
  • Provide the necessary equipment (snow tires)
  • Check the condition of their vehicle carefully
  • Do not overtake the Snow Plows.

“All the conventional means in terms of personnel and equipment of the Walloon public service (SPW) remain mobilized to ensure the high level of user safety and to maintain good traffic conditions on the regional roads,” the Crisis Center of Wallonia said in a statement.

The Brussels Times