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Brussels develops protocols for reopening tourism sector

Illustration image of Brussels Grand Place.
Credit: Belga
Illustration image of Brussels Grand Place.

Brussels’ tourism sector is working on a plan for reopening one of the city’s most lucrative and essential industries that includes guidelines, best practices, and health certificates that businesses can apply for.

The coronavirus commissioner validated the plan today, reports Bruzz, hoping to reassure the public that the tourism sector is capable of safely reopening.

Companies that follow the plan’s protocols can apply in writing for an “H&S Label,” or “Brussels Health and Safety Label.” 88 institutions have already been awarded one.

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Businesses with an H&S Label will be investigated at random to ensure compliance.

The plan will be adjusted as needed to the guidelines of the Consultation Committee moving forward.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2019 was a record year for tourism in Brussels, with the number of visitors to museums and attractions passing the 5 million mark.

But the coronavirus has had a massive impact on the industry. In September of last year, 20 organisations involved in Europe’s travel and tourism sectors wrote an open letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen saying that quarantine restrictions were threatening the survival of many of their businesses and workers, who represent 27 million Europeans.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times