Two suspects arrested in fatal stabbing in Limburg

Two suspects arrested in fatal stabbing in Limburg
Credit: Belga

Two suspects have been arrested in connection to the fatal stabbing of 22-year-old Jason Tollenaers in the province of Limburg over the weekend.

Tollenaers was stabbed in a parking lot near a high school in Bocholt. He was taken to the East Limburg Hospital in critical condition, where he later died from his injuries.

Police are looking for witnesses who would have seen what prompted the dispute that led to the fatal stabbing, and have requested all available footage from nearby cameras.

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Claims that the victim was chased after walking through an alley in the neighbourhood are being investigated, Nieuwsblad reports.

Friends and family of the victim are devastated, in particular because Tollenaers has a young son.

“As a municipality, we will lend our cooperation to the police to clarify the circumstances and we hope that it will be resolved soon. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family,” said Bocholt mayor Stijn Van Baelen.

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