Beaver spotted close to Antwerp city centre

Beaver spotted close to Antwerp city centre
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For the first time, a beaver was spotted on the left bank of the Scheldt river (Linkeroever) in the port of Antwerp last weekend.

Footage surfaced of a beaver in the marina on Linkeroever in Antwerp, which was the first time such an animal was spotted there, according to beaver expert Kristijn Swinnen of Natuurpunt.

"We know from Bruges and Leuven that beavers feel at home around a city," Swinnen said on Radio 2 Antwerp. "We used to think they stayed in nature reserves but apparently, they are increasingly seeking the presence of people."

It was a known fact that beavers are living upstream (in Klein-Brabant), according to Swinnen, who added that "maybe this one went on an excursion."

"It could also be a young animal looking for its own territory," she said. "When beavers are two years old they have to leave their nest."

Unfortunately, the situation is not ideal for the beaver to stay in the port permanently, according to Swinnen. "In spring they eat all kinds of plants, but in winter they need a lot of trees and bark."

However, even while it is unlikely that the beaver will stay on the Scheldt bank, she said that the chance of spotting one passing by more often close to the city centre is growing.

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