Belgian coastal mayors happy with new measures on trains

Belgian coastal mayors happy with new measures on trains
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The governor of the West Flanders province Carl Decaluwé and the mayors of towns along the coast are happy with the public transport measures that were decided on Friday by the Consultative Committee.

During the Easter holidays, passengers above the age of 12 years will be obliged to sit near windows on tourist trains, and other seats will not be used. This is “a good first step,” Decaluwé said.

Discussions are scheduled for Monday with national railway company SNCB on keeping tabs on the flow of tourists to the coast during the holidays.

For a long time now, Decaluwé and the mayors of seaside towns have been critical of the high number of trains to the coast. “After many consultations, things are now moving with SNCB,” Decaluwé said. “It’s a pity we needed to wait so long, and had to brandish the threat of legal action.”

The mayor of Ostend Bart Tommelein also felt the measure was a good one, as it will “guarantee a drastic reduction” in the number of passengers on trains. “We’re satisfied, but I continue to call for a registration system for trains. I shall also broach the issue at Monday’s meeting.”

Additionally, the president of the association of Coastal mayors, Dirk De Fauw, also came out in favour of the measure, which will reduce the number of people travelling to the coast.

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