More than 1,000 volunteer for Brussels vaccination centers

More than 1,000 volunteer for Brussels vaccination centers
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There are already 1,000 volunteers registered to help out in vaccinations centres in Brussels.

The Joint Community Commission created an outline platform just last Friday with the goal of building up a database of volunteers who can be called upon if needed. Since 26 March, it’s received around 1,637 registrations from Brussels residents.

The nine Brussels vaccination centres are currently operating smoothly, but some will need to call on additional staff once the maximum vaccination capacity has been reached.

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The staff sought must have had appropriate training, such as medicine, nursing, or midwifery.

Nursing or medical students can also apply, and there’s a need for stewards and administrative staff, as well.

Of the 1,637 registrations so far, 1,094 have already completed the process and filled in their availability.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times

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