Brussels Airport tests the deployment of drones

Brussels Airport tests the deployment of drones
Photo by Brussels Airport Company.

Brussels Airport and Skeyes, the Belgian air navigation and traffic service provider, are testing the operational deployment of drones at and around the airport this week, the two entities said in a statement Thursday.

The aim is to evaluate how drones can increase the safety, security and efficiency of airport operations. Wednesday and Thursday are the two test days intended to examine the possibilities and operational procedures of a security drone.

The test is being carried out in collaboration with drone operator Citymesh. The special feature of the drones is that they can be flown from a great distance via the airport’s 5G network: for the test, the pilot was in Bruges.

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The simulations include inspection and surveillance rounds of the airport area, intervention at the scene of an air incident and inspections for animals on the tarmac that may pose a danger to the landing or take-off of aircraft.

A drone detection system is also being tested, as drones are not normally allowed to fly over the airport or its surroundings.

“A stray drone can create particularly dangerous situations for air traffic,” said Brussels Airport and skeyes.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times

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