Significantly cooler temperatures from Friday

Significantly cooler temperatures from Friday
Credit: Rafael Garcin on Unsplash

The weather will remain dry and sunny this Thursday afternoon, but tomorrow marks the end of the lovely week we’ve been having.

It will still be warm in the central and southern parts of the country Thursday, with highs between 19 and 22 degrees. In the north, temperatures will not exceed 16 or 17 degrees, while at the coast and in the extreme west of the country, it will be cooler, with highs of 11 to 15 degrees, according to the midday forecast of the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

The wind will be moderate, and quite strong at the coast, from the north to the northeast.

During the night, the clouds will gradually become more numerous from the north of the country, but in places the clearings will still be fairly wide. A little mist or a few fog banks may also form in the east.

The minimum temperatures will fall to between 1 and 5 degrees. The wind will be generally moderate from the north to the northeast, sometimes light in the east.

On Friday, the sky will often be very cloudy, but the weather will be generally dry over most areas. It will be noticeably cooler with highs of 6 to 11 degrees.

The weather will remain unchanged on Saturday, before the sun returns on Sunday. But the mercury will not exceed 10 degrees in the centre.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times

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