‘They’ve had to sit indoors enough’: Freddy opens his garden to the children
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‘They’ve had to sit indoors enough’: Freddy opens his garden to the children

Some goats chez Freddy. © Facebook

Freddy Vanden Wouwer, a 74-year-old resident of Hoeilaart commune just outside Brussels, has decided to do his bit for the nation’s children, by opening up his garden to families who need to let the little ones blow off some steam in these confined times.

According to Het Laatste Nieuws, the experiment begins on Friday between 13.00 and 17.00.

Because it must be terrible to be constantly inside the same four walls in these corona times,” Freddy said when asked where the idea came from.

Children, like the rest of us, have had to put up with a year of restrictions, and limits on where to go, how long to stay, with how many other and all the rest. Kids do, though respond badly to such limitations, especially when even school classes are taking place at the kitchen table.

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I have a large garden, so I want to give them the opportunity to come and let off steam here,” Freddy told HLN. The garden, incidentally, contains more than just a lounger and a herbaceous border.

The children can, among other things, feed goats and chickens, plant flowers, play a game of petanque or golf, do crafts and much more,” Freddy said. “In short: they can almost tear down the shed here. On one condition: everything must be corona-proof. That is why everyone is only welcome within their own bubble and those present – depending on their interest – are given one hour to enjoy the garden.”

Anyone wishing to take part should sign up on Freddy’s Facebook page. If the experiment is a success, presumably there will be future versions.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times