Anderlechtse Haard to outsource management of social housing car parks

Anderlechtse Haard to outsource management of social housing car parks
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Social housing company Anderlechtse Haard wants to assign the management of the parking spaces for a number of social housing complexes to a private company.

In five years' time, the company hopes to generate €200,000 in extra income by renting out parking spaces, according to reporting from Bruzz.

The board of directors of the Anderlecht Haard has yet to approve the decision to privatise the parking, but chairman Lotfi Mostefa (PS) confirmed to La Capitale their intention to do so.

“We are thinking about this project. We want to outsource the management of the car parks, because that is not our core business,” said Mostefa. “By doing that, some of the staff can take care of other things.”

In total, some 230 parking spaces are involved at three sites: on Rue de l'Orphelinat, Peterbos and on Lenniksebaan.

Parking there is still free at the moment, but under the new management, residents will have to pay €60 a month for a permanent parking space.

Anderlecht Haard says the charge is needed because supply currently exceeds demand and it’s often difficult to find a parking space.

“It will be a struggle to ensure that the tenants of the Anderlecht Haard will not pay too much,” said Mostefa.

It’s possible that BePark will be the company that takes over the management of the parking spaces. The private company already manages around 50 car parks and parking zones in Brussels and is responsible for just under 50 social housing parking zones.

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