Students flocked back to work this Easter

Students flocked back to work this Easter
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The number of students obtaining Easter Holiday jobs this year was more than double that of 2020, the Randstad Group reported on Sunday.

However, while student work has bounced back, the coronavirus crisis meant it was still below 2019's record-breaking numbers, according to the Group.

After the Summer holidays, the Easter vacation is the densest period of student jobs, Randstad Group explained. This Easter, some 12,000 students worked per week for the Group, a 130% increase compared to 2020, when the average was about 5,200 per week. In 2019, the weekly average was 14,000.

The students worked, on average, 24 hours per person this Easter, which was three hours less than in 2020 and one hour less than in 2019. The situation was "simply catastrophic" during the Easter holiday last year, with a drop of about 66% in available work, Randstad Group noted.

Despite this year's recovery, student work is still lagging slightly, according to labour market expert Sébastien Cosentino.

 "The sectors that traditionally employ many student jobbers are still heavily impacted today," he explained.

"Think of the events sector, hospitality industry and attraction parks, which are still closed," Cosentino added. "As health regulations are relaxed, student work will also pick up."

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