Slightly colder night before sunny weather returns on Sunday

Slightly colder night before sunny weather returns on Sunday
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The skies will continue to be cloudy on Saturday afternoon, before the sun and warmth return for Sunday.

Barring the odd drizzle, mostly in Hautes-Fagnes, the weather will remain dry, however, during the evening and night, skies will become increasingly clearer, starting in the northwest, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI).

On Saturday, maximum temperatures were lower than during the previous days, ranging from 18 or 19 degrees at sea and in Hautes-Fagnes to 23 degrees in the centre, with a moderate wind blowing towards the northwest. The barometer may even fall as low as 4 degrees in some Ardennes valleys during the night.

But by Sunday, the sunny weather will have returned, with just a few clouds expected in the west, and temperatures will increase slightly 19 or 20 degrees in the Ardennes and 25 degrees in central Belgium.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, the skies will be calm and starry. Minimum temperatures will range from 6 degrees in the east to 13 degrees in Brussels, with a slight wind that will blow towards the southeast.

Starting on Monday, many areas in the country can expect temperatures as high as 30 degrees.

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