Weather: wet Saturday, mostly dry Sunday

Weather: wet Saturday, mostly dry Sunday
Photo by Helen Lyons / The Brussels Times

Cloud conditions will be variable to heavy on Saturday, with afternoon showers in all regions of Belgium, forecasts the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI), noting there will be a higher chance of storms in the west of the country.

Maximum temperatures will vary between 19°C at the seaside and 24°C in Kempen, while the wind will be slight.

The skies will become clearer in the evening and night, and the chances of rain will be lower. Temperatures will range between 10°C in some Ardennes valleys and 16°C in big cities. A bit of mist here and there can be expected towards the end of the night.

Sunday will begin with broad patches of clear skies and the weather will generally be dry in most areas. However, a few showers, developing sometimes into storms, will come in from France.

Highs will be between 23°C in Hautes-Fagnes and 27°C in Kempen.

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