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New from 1 July: Brussels and Flanders set their road taxes

Stock photo © PxHere

The Brussels-Capital Region and Flanders will index the kilometre taxes in their regions from the 1st of July, after Wallonia had already done so on 1 January.

The new tariffs will apply to Belgian and foreign heavy-duty trucks with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of over 3.5 tonnes, as well as Category N1 tractors for semi-trailers with chassis code BC.

The rate per kilometre on toll roads depends on the region, the vehicle’s MAM, and its euro emission standard. It is based on three MAM categories – over 3.5 tonnes to 12 tonnes, over 12 tonnes to 32 tonnes, and over 32 tonnes – and seven euro emission standards. The higher the euro standard and the lower the MAM, the better the rate.

The new tariffs will be automatically updated in the onboard unit (OBU) software of the service providers accredited for the kilometre tax.

The Brussels Times