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Technical hitch forces Brussels Airlines plane to turn back

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A Brussels Airlines plane bound for Liberia had to turn back on Sunday afternoon due to a technical problem, the airline stated.

The 230 passengers have been taken care of.

“A technical problem arose shortly after takeoff from Brussels Airport,” airline spokesperson Wencke Lemmes explained. “The plane was flying over Bordeaux at the time.”

“Since we could better inspect the problem for ourselves in Zaventem, the plane turned back and made an emergency landing as a precautionary measure. That landing was perfectly safe,” the spokesperson added.

As per procedure, the fire service was called in.

The airline said the cause of the incident was still unknown, but that the problem was being inspected by its technicians.

It was not immediately clear whether the passengers would be able to leave on the same plane or if another aircraft would be made available for them.

The Brussels Times