Belgium nears 25 °C

Belgium nears 25 °C
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Belgium’s weather is expected to remain dry until the end of the week, according to a midday forecast by the Royal Meteorological Institute on Saturday.

This afternoon, the sun will be out, with temperatures rising to 25 °C in places.

On Sunday, after the morning fog clears, the weather will become sunny in the west, centre and south of the country, with low clouds over the Ardennes. Highs will be around 21 °C over the Ardennes and the coast and around 26 °C elsewhere. The wind will be generally moderate from the north to the northeast.

The sun will be less present on Monday, but the weather will remain dry. The maximums will be between 19 and 24 °C with moderate wind.

The temperature will then increase throughout the week, with a risk of thunderstorms from Friday evening.

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