Belgium gives extra €2 million in support to Brussels' Bozar

Belgium gives extra €2 million in support to Brussels' Bozar
Bozar in Brussels. © Trougnouf/Wikimedia

On Friday, the Belgian federal government approved a one-off additional subsidy of €2 million for Bozar, the Centre for Fine Arts, to alleviate some of the negative effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Like the entire cultural sector, Bozar suffered greatly from the closure periods and the fact that it has not been able to fully resume its activities, according to Deputy Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, who is in charge of the federal cultural institutions.

"We know how hard culture has been hit by the health crisis, and Bozar is no exception," she said. "Despite the great efforts made to contain the budget deficit in this turbulent period, additional support was needed to ensure a smooth resumption of activities."

While some exhibitions could still take place, the reduced capacity and the reservation system definitely affected the museum's number of visitors.

Other activities could not take place or had to be postponed, and the sanitary measures did not allow for the rental of any rooms during the first six months of the year.

"Bozar is not only a cultural and artistic centre that is highly appreciated by the general public, but it is also a wonderful showcase for Brussels and Belgium," Wilmès added.

"We therefore want to do everything we can to ensure that it functions and develops properly."

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