Belgian actor arrested on suspicion of child abuse

Belgian actor arrested on suspicion of child abuse

A Belgian actor who works in children's programmes and films was arrested last week in an investigation into suspected child abuse.

The court tracked down the man after an undercover investigation by a Dutch journalist, in cooperation with Het Laatste Nieuws.

The public prosecutor of Antwerp confirmed the facts to VRT NWS.

“Because of the seriousness of the allegations, the Antwerp public prosecutor immediately started working with the information provided by DPG Media,” said Kristof Aerts of the Antwerp public prosecutor's office.

The public prosecutor decided to request an examining magistrate for the charge of ‘rape of minors.’

The suspect was arrested on Friday 23 July and questioned by the Antwerp police.

A search was also carried out and material was seized. The man was released after questioning.

The police sprung into action after a Dutch journalist from the research collective ‘Vrije Vogels’ filmed a conversation with a hidden camera.

The man allegedly said that he had sex with underage boys and accepted a (fake) invitation to meet 10-year-olds in a hotel room.

During the interrogation, he denied everything and dismissed the statements as ‘big talk.’

The suspect is a middle-aged Flemish actor.

Over the past twenty years he has played large and small roles in dozens of productions by Studio 100, VTM, VRT and Disney.

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