Rain expected from Monday before summer returns next weekend

Rain expected from Monday before summer returns next weekend
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Following a period of warmer weather and a relatively sunny Sunday, next week is expected to see more rain return to Belgium, however, the summer weather is expected to return by the end of next week.

Sunday afternoon is expected to be mostly sunny, and the weather will be generally dry apart from the odd drizzle coming from ticker clouds, according to the Royal Meteorological Office.

Highs will be close to 22°C along the coast, 25°C in the centre and 27 °C in Flanders. On land, a light southwest wind will gradually become moderate. At sea, the wind will be quite strong, blowing from west to southwest.

Sunday evening will see broad swathes of clear skies and the weather will be dry.

Overnight, the skies will become increasingly cloudy, starting in the northwest, with a risk of rain – sometimes light, at other times heavier.

Lows will range from 10°C in Hautes-Fagnes to 16°C at the centre of Belgium, with a moderate wind sometimes becoming quite strong at sea, blowing from west to southwest.

A slight dip before summer returns

On Monday, colder, humid, slightly unstable air will circulate over Belgium’s regions. The sky will be a little to very cloudy with the occasional bout of rain and even heavy showers.

Maximum temperatures will be in the range of 15°C to 20 °C. The wind will be generally moderate, but quite strong along the coast, blowing from west to northwest.

Tuesday will start out cloudy across most of Belgium, but by the afternoon, sunny spells will alternate with stacked clouds and high clouds. It will remain mostly dry, with maximum temperatures between 22°C at sea, 25°C in the centre and 27°C in the southeast.

Throughout the evening and the night, local showers are possible, whilst both Wednesday and Thursday will be cloudy with some local showers during the day, with temperatures fluctuating between 16 and 22°C.

From Friday onwards, it is expected to be slightly calmer and clearer, with some clouds in certain areas in Belgium, and apart from some local showers, it will remain dry.

Temperatures will get milder with highs between 19 and 24°C. Saturday will be dry and sunny, and slightly warmer, with highs between 22 and 27°C.

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