Seven people arrested during 15 August festivities in Liège

Seven people arrested during 15 August festivities in Liège
The 15 August procession in the Outremeuse district in Liège. Credit: Belga

Seven people were arrested on Saturday night in the Outremeuse district in Liège during the annual August 15 festivities which include flea markets, concerts and processions.

Four people were placed under administrative arrest for disturbing the peace while three others were placed under judicial arrest after scuffles, according to an initial police report for the Saturday of the Outremeuse festivities.

"The Eastern Boulevard, Puits-en-Sock, Jean d'Outremeuse, and Surlet streets were closed from 2.00 p.m. to allow pedestrian traffic in that area, namely because of the small fair at the Place de l’Yser and the presence of many children," a police spokesperson said about the measures taken for the occasion.

"A few warnings had to be issued to make sure closing times were respected," he added.

One of the historic roads in the district, Rue Roture, was very busy at one point during the evening, but the police managed to lighten the traffic and avoid any excessive concentration of people, the spokesperson said.

He added that the police would be present again on Sunday in the area to maintain the same convivial atmosphere.

Every year, the festivities of 15 August take place for a whole week in Liège, and include flea markets, concerts, games, fairs and, of course, masses and folklore processions, honouring Tchantchès and Nanèsse, some of the giants that are part of Liège culture and folklore.

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